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Winston Rowe & Associates, a no upfront or advance fee commercial real estate and small business non investment advisory, due diligence and business consulting firm structuring financing solutions for commercial real estate transactions.

They have developed the following knowledge based news articles to assist commercial real estate investors.

  1. Guide To Buying Hotels
  2. Commercial Loan Underwriting & Due Diligence
  3. How To Finance Assisted Living Facilities
  4. Financing Special Purpose Properties
  5. What Is Private Equity
  6. Hard Money Loans Explained
  7. SBA Loan Explained
  8. SBA Loan Fundamentals
  9. Investing In ALF
  10. Commercial Loan Check List
  11. Investment Guide For Apartment Buildings
  12. How Bridge Loans Work
  13. Commercial Real Estate Investment Strategies
  14. Qualifying For A Commercial Loan
  15. Debtor in Possession Chapter 11 Loans Explained
  16. Debtor In Possession Definition
  17. Basics of Commercial Loan Due Diligence
  18. Refinancing a Commercial Loan
  19. Why Banks Are Not Lending
  20. Apartment Building Investing
  21. Investing in Apartments vs Single Family Homes
  22. Investing in Office Buildings
  23. Guide For Investing in Apartment Buildings
  24. Commercial Real Estate Investing
  25. How to Buy an Office Building
  26. Joint Venture Capital
  27. National Real Estate Investments Improving
  28. Equity Financing & Venture Capital Explained
  29. CRE Outlook Improving
  30. Loan to Cost & Loan To Value Explained
  31. Credit Crunch Has CRE Investors Turning to Private Capital
  32. Commercial Mortgage Types
  33. Protecting The US Economy
  34. How to Apply for Hard Money
  35. Investment Options For Apartment Buildings
  36. Apartment Buildings Best Investment For 2012 & 2013
  37. Free Commercial Real Estate Listings & Investing Resources
  38. US Federal Reserve To Aid Global Markets
  39. Commercial Loan Terms
  40. Commercial Real Estate Free Listings & Market Research
  41. How To Underwrite Commercial Loans
  42. Commercial Loan Refinance Tips
  43. Buying Commercial Real Estate Loan Tips
  44. Guide To Financing & Buying A Business
  45. How To Refinance A Commercial Mortgage
  46. The US Economy
  47. Structuring A Commercial Real Estate Loan
  48. How To Finance Oil & Gas Projects
  49. Private Capital Apartment Financing
  50. Debtor in Possession Financing
  51. Asset Based Lending & The Great Recession
  52. How To Apply For A Commercial Loan
  53. How To Structure A Commercial Bridge Loan
  54. Apartment Building Management Tips
  55. How Short Term Bridge Loans Work
  56. Easy To Avoid Apartment Building Maintenance Mistakes
  57. Tip’s For Dealing With Delinquent Tenants
  58. Maximizing Company Resources
  59. What Are Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans
  60. How To Invest In Apartment Buildings
  61. July The Most Hazard Prone Month For Landlords
  62. Apartment Tenant Bankruptcy & Tenant Eviction Tips
  63. Apartment Market Rebounding 2013
  64. A Record Year In 2013 For Multifamily CMBS
  65. Commercial Insurance For Apartment Building Owners
  66. Apartment Building Market Rebounding
  67. How to Buy an Apartment Building
  68. Structuring Shopping Center Financing
  69. Apartment Complex Investing Strategies
  70. Non Recourse Loans Explained
  71. Apartment Rents Trending Upward 2014
  72. Apartment Management Tips
  73. Successful Apartment Building Investing
  74. Strategies for Real Estate Investing
  75. Success Tips for using LinkedIn
  76. How to Structure a Commercial Bridge Loan
  77. Strategies For Commercial Real Estate Investing
  78. Renting Apartment Tips
  79. How To Buy Commercial Real Estate
  80. Dealing With Tenants Fighting Eviction
  81. Investing in Real Estate
  82. Tips For Finding Off Market Commercial Real Estate Investments
  83. Multi Family Is A Great Investment for 2014
  84. Apartment Markets Expanding Nationwide
  85. Changing Expectations of Apartment Dwellers
  86. Joint Venture Financing
  87. Description of Equity and Joint Venture Project Financing
  88. Apartment Building Improvements Costs vs ROI
  89. How to Buy Apartment Buildings
  90. Commercial Insurance Tips
  91. What is a Commercial Bridge Loan
  92. Tips For Using LinkedIn
  93. Apartment Fire Hazards Land Lords Overlook
  94. What is TARP
  95. Dodd-Frank ACT Overview
  96. Insurance for Commercial Property
  97. What Are Equity vs Debt Investors
  98. What is a Joint Venture or Private Equity Loan
  99. Apartment Renters Expectations
  100. Why Hard Money Loans Are A Good Thing 
  101. Net Income Multiplier For Business Valuation 
  102. Calculating The Debt Service Ratio For A Commercial Loan Proposal  
  103. Data Needed To Make A Commercial Property Investment 
  104. How To Analyze A Real Estate Deal
  105. How To Buy And Finance Apartment Buildings No Upfront Fees 
  106. Small Balance Commercial Lending 
  107. Hard Money Asset Based Lending Definition 
  108. CMBS Loans Defined 
  109. Unsecured Business Startup Financing 

Winston Rowe & Associates also provides commercial real estate loans in the following states.

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, MaineMaryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia,   Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

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